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Welcome to Central Waste Liverpool, your dedicated provider of commercial jet washing services. Our high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning solutions are designed to address the challenges of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in business premises, particularly in high-traffic public areas.

Our Commerical Jet Washing Addresses:

Odours, Maggots, and Vermin

Unclean waste areas and bins can become breeding grounds for maggots, become infested with vermin, and give off unpleasant odours. These issues can negatively impact your business environment and reputation. 

Dirty and Unhygienic Bin Areas

Dirty bin areas can become unsightly and unhygienic, posing potential health risks. The build-up of waste, food, grease, and dirt can further exacerbate these problems and attract pests.

Dirty Public Entry and Access Points

The cleanliness of public entry and access points can significantly influence the first impression of your business. Chewing gum, graffiti, and other forms of vandalism can tarnish the appearance of your premises. 

Our Jet Washing Solutions 

Bin and Steam Cleaning

Our chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning service addresses these challenges head-on. Whether you need a one-off bin clean or a regular service, our dedicated team is ready to assist. Post waste collection, we’ll leave your bins looking fresh, smelling clean, and free from pests. 

Graffiti and Chewing Gum Removal

Our professional graffiti removal service can restore your surfaces to their original state, and our high-pressure, hot water chewing gum removal process can tackle even the most stubborn residues. To deter further graffiti, we also provide an anti-graffiti coating that simplifies future removal. 

The Benefits

By addressing these issues, we not only improve the aesthetics of your business premises but also enhance its overall hygiene and safety. Our services can contribute to a positive first impression, improving the experience for both your customers and staff.

Anytime, Anywhere Services in Liverpool

We’re ready to serve you in Liverpool city centre and surrounding areas. Our team carries its own water and power supply, ensuring flexibility in terms of location. We are committed to leaving your site in pristine condition. 

Contact Us

If you’re in need of professional and reliable jet washing services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly team is always ready to assist and answer any questions you may have. 

Central Waste Liverpool – Your partner in achieving and maintaining a clean and hygienic business environment.