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Central Waste can provide you with a free quote for waste paper and cardboard collection. We can assess your requirements – large or small – and devise an appropriate schedule and bin size. Central Waste will supply the appropriate recycling bins and any other equipment required.

Many offices and businesses produce a lot of waste paper and cardboard packaging. The types of companies we provide waste paper and cardboard collection for include:

  • Offices – both small and large
  • Schools and colleges
  • Cafes, takeaways and restaurants
  • High street shops and supermarkets
  • Leisure centres and community centres
  • Factories and small businesses

Single stream recycling

Central Waste can provide a single stream recycling service for paper and cardboard. Separating waste in this way reduces costs and benefits the environment with less waste going to landfill.

In this complicated area of waste management, Central Waste will explain the legal requirements for maximising the amount of waste that gets recycled, drawing up a plan and putting it into practice.

Cardboard is amongst the easiest waste products to be recycled, having already been processed in its initial manufacture.

Avoid landfill tax

While items for recycling can take up precious space at a business location, we find that paper and cardboard are the easiest to store, with the ability to be compress and flatpack cardboard. Cardboard for recycling should not have any food waste and again this helps with storage as there will not be any smells from food degradation.

Paper and cardboard recycling with Central Waste is a safe and convenient way to reduce the demand on landfill and save money as cardboard recycling doe not incur landfill tax.

Central Waste make recycling collections 7 days a week. Fill out the form or call us for a free quote and find out how we can help your business.

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